#Email Volunteers อาสาสมัคร Ehrenamtliche Arbeit Why dose Home & Life  have International volunteers?

     Home and Life have has a volunteering programme for the last five years. We have had volunteers from England, America, Germany, Russia, France and Australia and in Thailand more people are becoming aware of our foundation, we also have a lot of support from the locals Phuket and surrounding villages.  Having volunteers at Home and Life means that the children benefit from meeting many people from different backgrounds. There is a great deal that we can learn from people who have different experiences and lives to ourselves, and much that we can teach them too about our way of life. Meeting lots of new people also helps the children to feel more comfortable and confident in practicing their social skills.

     All of the children are learning English at school and have extra lessons each week. Having international volunteers here means that they also get to practice their English every day because many of the volunteers who come to stay cannot speak Thai!.  They also get to learn a few basics in other languages to.  Our children always find it interesting to learn about different countries and cultures.

      Sometimes we have big projects at the foundation such as construction, gardening or the preparation of handicrafts and baked goods for sale. During these times it can be really helpful for us to have volunteers here. Although we have 6 members of staff here at Home & Life, they each have very specific roles to play and are often very busy, so a little bit if support can really make the difference.

     Volunteering with us will be an unforgettable experience for you - and will help our children and our home. You will be living at the foundation so will be able to see first hand how the foundation is run on a day to day basis. We will guide you on how things are run and and welcome any ideas and skills you may have in helping to run the home and look after the children.  There are a variety of everyday tasks that you could get involved in such as help with the organic farm, cooking  (we'll show you the Thai way!), organising the laundry, building and maintenance work,  and of course helping with the children. They have many needs so you can help to look after them with tasks such as teaching them English or some other skills, playing games with them  or you may go on outings  with them.

 Volunteering with us will be an unforgettable experience for you - and will help our children and our home. You can come to us, as part of our family, and stay in one of our main buildings or in the tranquil bamboo hut in our organic garden area. We will guide you, and welcome your ideas and skills, in helping to run the home and look after the children. You can help with the organic farm, or cook (we'll show you the Thai way!), or organise the laundry, or work on building or maintenance, and, of course, help with the children. They have many needs: you can help with the everyday tasks of looking after them, you might teach them English or some other skill, you may play games with them, or you may go with them when they go on outings.                   

What important is this:      

The children will enjoy having you at Home & Life and you will become part of the family experience - just settle in with the kids and staff and do what you can to make life better for everyone. You must be aged 16 or over, though minors can accompany a responsible adult; you must be of good character without any police record; and you must want to work with children.

Although it is not one of our primary reasons for having volunteers at Home & Life, once all accommodation, food and living costs are covered we are able to use a small percentage of volunteer’s fees for some of the essentials for the foundation  such as food and fuel.

How to volunteer

Please read the following files and make sure you are suitable for the Home & Life Volunteer Programme. If you want to go ahead, follow the instructions in the files below.

Volunteer Agreement

You will need to sign this when you arrive. Please read it now to make sure you can agree with it.

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Volunteer Application

Please fill in and email or post to us. This is required before you arrive at Home & Life. When we receive it, we will contact you to invite you to join us.

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Reference & checks

Please fill in and email or post to us. This is required before you arrive at Home & Life. We are taking people we have not met to work and live with our children. We need to be sure you are suitable to work with children and that you are of good character. You will understand our need to make sure our children are safe as well as happy. This is a requirement and no one is accepted without this.

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Does this sound like you?

There are modest costs that you will have to meet: your accommodation and food will cost 500 baht a day, payable when you arrive. And you will have to read and agree to the Home & Life rules for volunteers. These are not difficult but they are necessary for the protection of the children - if you can agree to them, you are the kind of person we want to join our family. You will also need to arrange a a valid visa (unfortunately we cannot help with this) and adequate travel insurance. Home & Life does not accept any liability whatsoever. There is no minimum stay but longer stays are better, both for you and for the stability of the children. We hope to see you soon!

Use this page to read the conditions and to apply (download the three documents, fill in the application and reference details and email them to us).

Volunteer with us

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to download your need documents

Volunteering Application

Volunteering Agreement

Reference & checks

Personal Information.pdf volunteeragreement.pdf Home&Life Volunteer Reference & Checks Form.pdf

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