My wife and I moved to Phuket in 1993 and have raised two children in this lovely country of hospitable people. My work here has been in the project management of high-end property development and my wife’s work here has been in owning and managing a preschool and a middle school for chil-dren of many nations. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to give our children such a fabulous cross-cultural and beautiful envi-ronment in which they could become young adults.

I became aware of Home and Life after the Tsunami of 04 as the Rotary Club that I was a mem-ber of was doing charitable works in the Phang Nga area. My first visit to Home and Life was to help host another Rotary group from Utah in their good works in expanding some facilities for the Home and Life family. From my first encounter, I was and remain very impressed with the unselfish love that both Rasa and Root give their extended family of 23 children –children who in spite of tremendous losses can sustain dreams and hopes of a smiling future.

Although, I have run crews of many workman at Home and Life and my whole family have been involved in many projects at Home & Life, all of our contributions of time and money fall way short of the value of being able to share in the lives of the courageous children of H&L and the good feelings engendered by helping the staff of H&L keep smiles on the little faces that were dealt with so brutally by the Tsunami. I am the secretary of the formative Foundation of Home and Life and will stay active in anyway that I can to insure that the kids get a good education and keep on smiling.

I am certain in my heart that my investments and my future involvement goes directly to a huge need. One day watching the loving exchanges between Root, Rasa and their family, completely drowns out any hesitation that I might have upon hearing of shady pasts. The children continue to be saved from some real dark memories by the love of their guardians. I will support that love any way I can and I encourage others to do so as well.

Mr. O.B. Wetzell

Vice President of Home & Life orphanage foundation Phang Nga