I was born in Bangkok Province.
Age 56. Spouse name Yuvaluck  Kanittanam. Thai Buddhist.Bachelors Degree Education


1. The compromise of the Phang Nga Provincial Court
2. The compromise of the Court of Appeal Region 8.
3. Chairman of the Working Group on Public Participation for the Protection of Natural Resources and Environment in the Province.
4. Phang Nga’s hospital Development Committee. Network of community justice in Phang Nga province.
5. Operations Subcommittee on Prevention and Suppression of Trafficking in Phang Nga province.
6. The Fund managing committee for Child Protection, Phang Nga province.
7. Individual of virtuous of Anti-Corruption Commission of Phang Nga.
8. Committee to select a good teacher. And reduce inequality in education, Phang Nga province.
9. Senior journalists. Siang Tai the daily newspaper. Care jobs in Phang Nga province .

Mr. Tripob Siripunvaraporn

The President of Home & Life Orphanage foundation Phang Nga
The president of  the Board of Directors and Chairperson Public Relations Committee