I am a survivor of the 2004 Tsunami and live in Khao Lak 30 kilometres north of Home and Life.

Five months after recovering from the Tsunami I returned to Khao Lak to do my best to help with the reconstruction. I am a qualified structural engineer and ran my own construction company for 25 years in England.

When I returned I joined the Thai led Tsunami Volunteer Centre (TVC) in Khao Lak, as an un-paid volunteer, first as a team leader teaching young volunteers construction skills and after six months was appointed Projects Director controlling construction (328 houses for local people), furniture making (over 1400 pieces of furniture), a longtail boat factory, and an education de-partment teaching English in local schools. (We lost 70% of the English speaking Thais because they were working in the resorts which were destroyed). Over 7,000 foreign volunteers came to help in the first three years.

I first became involved with Home and Life in October 2006 when Khun Root requested help from TVC to construct the first buildings. After visiting the site with a Thai officer three days later I put a team in place to help to build the first dormitories and kitchen before the children arrived. I remained very close to Home and Life during my time with the TVC rendering help wherever possible.

I am not a member of Rotary but have been an English Freemason for many years and have re-cently been elected as treasurer of the local Phuket Lodge for a third term. I have no business interests in Thailand and am “technically” retired.

In late 2007 the TVC closed as its work was done and I formed my own volunteer project. Fun4Kids,

< >. The mission statement of Fun4Kids is to help local children orphaned or traumatised by the Tsunami. The work we carry out can be seen on the website including a lot at Home and Life.

I was very pleased to be invited to the board as I have known Root and Rosa for a long time and totally respect what they are doing for the children, Home and life is not an orphanage it is an extended family

Mr. Stephen Lowe

General Member of the Board, Vice Chair Person Operations Advisory Committee