Home & Life’s Adults

Bhudit ("Root") and his wife Rasa Maneejak
(Founder and Co- Founder)

Root: Foundation’s manager
Rasa: Foundation’s vice manager

"We have created a place of love and care for the children to replace their families - we do not run it like an orphanage.
We make sure that they are happy here and that we are all a big family."
"Every child is an individual and has to grow up to become a good member of Thai society.
"That means good guidance and good care from us if we are to help the children to become good adults.
"All the children go to school, they learn other things at Home & Life, and they are taken out to get experience and knowledge of their world - the world they will enjoy as adults.

(Patida Boonshup)
Secretary and community coordinate

Patida, known as Kate, are organizing all the running system in our Home to be smooth, deals with the schools, and, for the enthusiastic children, Kate teaches Thai dancing and also teaching children for the baking skill

The tsunami destroyed Kate's work as a Thai dancing teacher and she and her children now live at Home & Life.

Mrs. Patida (Kate) Boonsub
Secretary and community coordinate

(Papangkorn Chanporn)
IT. Supervisor, Website admin.
Administrator And Volunteers coordinator

Baymond quickly established a wonderful relationship with the children and the staff. Being the youngest member of the team he is often looked upon as a big brother to the children. With his age he is also invaluable as emotional support. His ability to organise and host most of the children’s recreational activities frees the rest of the team for other work. He also supports other staff and helps with cooking, ironing, cleaning and minor construction. Baymond is also essential for volunteer support with his strong grasp of English.

Mr. Papangkorn (Bay) Chanporn
IT. Supervisor, Website admin.
Administrator And Volunteers coordinator

(Rojana Thongkeaw)

Rojana, known as Rose, makes sure the children get their three meals a day, arranges the laundry with the older girls.

Mrs. Rojana (Rose) Thongkeaw

(Aungkana Punjai)
Children Activities

Audi are hand full of skill in Agriculture, Handicrafts and maintenance. With this she is very handy and can passing all her knowledge to our children as can be the surviving skills.

Miss Aungkana (Audi) Punjai
Children activities

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