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At Home&Life we provide the children with a daily routine including life skills training, school homework and reading, all of which can help them to develop their ability to earn as they get older. Our life skills training activities cover basic things that the children need to know as part of everyday life, like helping with cooking, cleaning and tidying their rooms.

When the children return from school in the afternoons they often spend time gardening and learning about agriculture in our organic garden. They also love painting and making products such as T-shirts, handbags and other handcraft souvenirs for our “Gallery” in the Home&Life coffee shop and bakery. This also helps them to earn some money which they can save for their futures.

Under Thai regulations children have to leave the foundation when they are 18 years old so that younger children can be taken in. However at this age some children still need the love and care of a family and may not be quite ready to face life on their own. Therefore if they are able to earn money they can pay for their own accommodation at the foundation, any experience gained working on the projects will help the older children find suitable employment within the area, therefore allowing them to stay at the foundation.

The children also have extra English language lessons every week with the volunteer teachers from Teacher Volunteer Centre (TVC) who come and run fun activity lessons with the children. We also support any of the children who have talents interests in other things like singing, swimming or boxing etc.

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